Turf, Tree and Ornamental Program  

Program Includes: 


Free Soil Testing to manage the proper P.H. level of your soil which is required for optimum uptake and healthy thriving plants.

Monthly inspections of your turf, trees, and ornamentals for pest such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, aphids, scale, army worms, cut worms, and ambrosia beetles which will cause severe damage. Fire and ant control is also included.

Applications of fungicides, as needed, to prevent and manage the many fungal pathogens which will cause severe damage to turf, trees, and ornamentals.

We identify weeds and apply selective herbicides to safely control weeds in lawn without damaging turf. We also apply non selective herbicides safely to remove weeds from beds, driveways, and patios.

We use quality granular fertilizers designed for your turf and ornamentals. These are applied 2-4 times a year on turf depending on soil fertility and turf type. All deficiencies of turf, trees, and ornamentals are brought to your attention and treated as needed.

* All pricing is computed by square footage of turf, beds, and amount of planted material. Free estimates are as easy as a phone call.


Contact: Ben Forsman  (912) 280-7040

* All recommendations and guidelines are in compliance with the University of Georgia, Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension Service.