Why Choose Pro-Care ?  

Meet the Owner, Ben Forsman: 


Ben Forsman has twenty-eight years of experience in horticulture.

He became a Florida Master Gardner at the Davie Research Center and South Florida University in 1987. Working for Trammel Crow, he oversaw and preformed the landscape maintenance of over one hundred acres lush, sub-tropical landscape from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, Florida.

Moving here in 2004, he became a Georgia Master Gardener at the Bamboo Gardens in Savannah, Georgia in 2006. Seeing the complexity of the many insects and diseases which damage lawns and landscape material here in Southeast Georgia, he became a certified Georgia Chemical Applicator in 2007.

Pro-Care is licensed and insured and has passed all state inspections to date.

Contact: Ben Forsman  (912) 280-7040

27 years horticultural experience

Florida and Georgia Master Gardner / Chemical Applicator


* All recommendations and guidelines are in compliance with the University of Georgia, Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension Service.